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3 Reasons to Separate Business & Personal Finances

Why is it important to keep business and personal finances separate?  Many business owners struggle with this distinction.  Using business money to pay for personal expenses or paying for business expenses on personal accounts can really hurt your business.  Here are...

The Vital Role of Bookkeeping

In the intricate world of taxes, there's a simple truth: good bookkeeping is your best friend. The recent case of Gobran v. Commissioner serves as a compelling reminder of why meticulous record-keeping is not just a chore, but a necessity for every business owner. The...

Our Signature Service: Chart of Accounts Optimization

You already know we are #notyourtypicalbookkeepers, but there’s something that we do for every new client that I want to dive a little deeper into.  I like to call it Chart of Accounts (COA) optimization.  This service is designed to help you streamline your financial...


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