Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Tailored to Your Industry

Spend More Time Doing What You Do Best

At Details Matter Bookkeeping & Advisory, we’re fortunate enough to work with passionate and diverse small business owners across various industries. We love taking care of each client’s finances in the background as their outsourced accounting firm, allowing them to take center stage in their business and do more of what they love.

Below are just some types of companies we enjoy supporting—but really, it comes down to a style and vibe fit! We get most excited about working with clients who:

        • Ask thoughtful, strategic questions about their finances
        • Are extremely passionate, involved owners
        • Value quality bookkeeping and professional advice
        • Take their business seriously but appreciate a touch of humor

As a trades professional, you might be a sole owner/operator, providing the full range of services during the day and managing areas like accounting, business development, and marketing at night. And even if you have a few staff members, you’re still highly involved in your core services. 

You may be a Master of your trade, but your training and education likely didn’t cover accounting. So, while you’re busy managing daily jobs, you’re struggling to keep up with bookkeeping tasks like data entry and invoicing. In turn, you have weak insights into your business’s performance and could miss out on revenue. 

We will organize your books and monitor vital aspects like your cash flow and accounts receivable to ensure timely payments. Plus, we’re adept at job costing and work-in-process accounting and can handle these for you. Meanwhile, you can do your job efficiently and stress-free, knowing your finances are in good hands.

Similarly, creative professionals are often solopreneurs wearing all the hats in their businesses. Not to mention, these talented, right-brained individuals typically hate dealing with the numbers. They simply want to focus on their craft!

If this sounds familiar, you might find yourself putting off bookkeeping, resulting in poorly kept books, a lack of confidence, and increased stress. You don’t know where your money is coming or going, so you don’t know how to grow.

Our team loves working with creatives—especially those overwhelmed by finances! We’ll reorganize your books and reports so they make sense to you, then teach you how to interpret and leverage the data. With clear insights and restored confidence, you can get back to creating!

Experts in fields like law, real estate, and finance often have specific accounting needs and regulations to follow. Although you may understand these requirements and know how to fulfill them, it can be challenging to keep up with them. And who needs additional stress about compliance?

After working with many clients in these industries, our team has experience with managing these bookkeeping nuances, such as: 

  • Journal entries for the purchase and sale of properties for real estate investors
  • Trust (IOLTA) accounting for lawyers
  • Fee structures and revenue recognition for financial advisors

Our professional bookkeeping services will help you remain compliant and produce accurate data, ensuring you can understand your company’s performance at a glance.

Whether you own a full-service restaurant, bakery, cafe, ice cream shop, or chocolate shop, food business accounting likely takes up a large portion of your plate (pun intended)! From managing your perishable inventory to vendor relationships, you’ve got your hands full.

Unfortunately, this can lead to essential processes and information slipping through the cracks. The receipts may be stacking up, and your bookkeeping system is less than ideal. Or maybe you lack insights into your cash flow—a potentially dangerous situation.

This is where we step in. As your bookkeepers, we will offer the level of service necessary for your delicious endeavor! With our transparent reporting and strategic advice, you’ll have crucial data, like your busy seasons and performance, to guide you on when to hire and adjust your pricing.

As a product-based business owner, you believe in what you’re making and how your goods bring solutions and even joy to your customers. But when it comes to accounting, you’re ready to hand it off and gain professional, personalized guidance.

Your bookkeeping is also a bit more complex due to all that inventory, returns and refunds, and possible shipping and logistics costs. You want to understand your numbers better but need help figuring out where to start.

We are adept at recording, analyzing, and reporting numbers from your point-of-sale (POS) system. And as Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors, we can easily integrate your POS with your QuickBooks account to ensure streamlined, accurate data every time!

Ready to discover how we’ll help your business grow?