Details Matter Bookkeeping & Advisory


How do you communicate and share files?

We use a secure client portal that is easy to use and mobile-friendly! During onboarding, we’ll set you up on this portal and use it for communication and file sharing. If we have questions and need information from you, we will message you in the portal, and you can quickly respond from wherever you are and vice versa. This is nothing like your doctor’s clunky platform—it’s more of a magic link, and our clients love how efficient and intuitive it is!

What will my financial reports look like, and how will I understand them?

While we use QuickBooks Online for all clients, we don’t just send you the standard QuickBooks reports. We use a practice management system to provide custom financial reports, including helpful elements like an executive summary page and KPIs (i.e., gross profit margin). This gives you a snapshot of your performance on a month-to-month basis so you can easily determine where to dive in further.

How much do you charge?

Pricing is customized for every business based on its needs and gross revenue. Before enrolling in any service, we provide each client with a quote for each package level (Essential, Growth, and Premium). That means you’ll know your pricing upfront—no hourly rates and no surprises! 

Your quote will also include the implementation fee, a one-time cost to cover the work of onboarding, organizing, optimizing, and setting up your accounts.

Additionally, we offer add-on services, which we will recommend and include in your quote if necessary.

What if my books are a hot mess?

No judgment here—we can get you straightened out whether you fell a bit behind or records got messed up or deleted! We will start with a free diagnostic to examine your needs and financial status more closely. Then, we’ll tell you exactly what fixing them will entail and how much it will cost.

Do you only work in QuickBooks Online?

We are QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors and believe this is the optimal platform for our small business clients. If you currently use another platform, the conversion and implementation will be part of your onboarding process.

If you do not wish to use QuickBooks Online, we’ll gladly refer you to another bookkeeping firm that would be a better fit.

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