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Why choose QuickBooks Online?

Should I switch to QuickBooks Online?  Is it really that great?  My CPA hates it.  Well first, that’s why we have a job.  But second, it’s not for everyone.  There are certainly industries and situations where it’s not the best fit.  And if you’ve been using desktop...

1099 Rules and what they mean to you

If you are one of our clients, you’ve probably gotten some questions in our portal about needing W-9 forms from vendors.  I wanted to clarify on some of the rules, so whether you are a client or not, you’ll be prepared for January 31st when 1099s are due. What is a...

MarylandSaves Program

To all my fellow small business owners - I’m sure you’ve been hearing chatter recently about the new MarylandSaves retirement program that the state is rolling out and requiring participation.  So, I went ahead and did my research and I’m bringing you the quick and...

Origin Story

Hey peeps!  Now that I’ve got the blog up and running, I figured I’d throw in a little background on me.  My name is Katie Amori Hanna and I’m the daughter of Joanne Baum, who is also well known in the community.  I’m a Walkersville native and graduated from...

New software, more value

The new client portal is amazing!  We can send your uncategorized transactions to the portal and then send you a text or email to go in and check them.  And guys, this portal is fully mobile optimized!  So, you can answer questions or leave notes to us from your phone or tablet.  Big game changer for you!

Coming soon…

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