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by | Mar 20, 2023 | About

We are #notyourtypicalbookkeepers and we want everyone to know it.  Our clients already know that we provide much more than just the basic data entry required when you think about “bookkeeping”.  We truly care about our clients – we get excited about their successes and work hard to support them when they are struggling.  We want to see our fellow small business owners grow and thrive in this, sometimes challenging, environment.

We leverage technology to make your life easier, whether that’s by creating an easy-to-use paperless system or by using our own intelligent practice management system that catches errors and provides amazing custom reports.  Our reports include a summary page with easy to read green and red up/down arrows for revenue, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, and net income.  We also include basic KPI (key performance indicator) percentages like gross profit margin, net profit margin, and labor margin for our clients.  With the ability to add more custom KPIs anytime to your monthly reports.  We’ve also partnered with to provide paperless bill and receipt capture, as well as, incredible accounts payable management with an approval system available.  They also own Divvy, which is an amazing corporate card and expense management system that works great for businesses that want their employees to have a corporate card, but still want to monitor their expenses and set individual budgets.

Certification matters!  Our owner, Katie, is a Certified Bookkeeper through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.  A Certified Bookkeeper has to have mastery of 6 different areas of accounting: correction of accounting errors, internal controls & fraud prevention, adjusting entries, depreciation, inventory, and payroll.  They have to complete a 4-part test at a monitored testing center similar to the CPA test and have 2 years of experience to become certified.  Also, like a CPA, they have to have continuing education to keep their license.  Katie has been licensed since 2011.  She is also an Elite QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and a member of the Digital Bookkeepers Association.

Our Full and Premium packages include our advisory services through quarterly or monthly (respectively) review meetings.  This is your chance to sit down for a one-on-one with our owner, Katie, a Certified Bookkeeper.  She has a wealth of experience from a wide variety of industries and through her own journey as a small business owner.  We go over your financial statements in depth (including teaching you how to read them!) and talk to you about your goals & dreams.  We’re here to advise, to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm, and support you as a fellow small business owner.

Small business owners are struggling every day from wearing too many hats and not having enough hours in the day to get everything done.  A lot of times this means the bookkeeping isn’t getting done or is getting left for evenings and weekends when you’d much rather be relaxing or spending time with family & friends.  This leads to stress & sleepless nights.  What would it mean to you to get back your time and peace of mind?  Probably more than what we charge!  Let us support you, so you can get back to doing what you love with a clear head.

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