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Why choose QuickBooks Online?

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Technology

Should I switch to QuickBooks Online?  Is it really that great?  My CPA hates it.  Well first, that’s why we have a job.  But second, it’s not for everyone.  There are certainly industries and situations where it’s not the best fit.  And if you’ve been using desktop for 30 years…yeah it’s definitely a different animal, so having to learn a whole new software may not be the best solution for you.  While we don’t use desktop or other accounting software, I will never force anyone to make the switch.  I have other bookkeeper friends that are more than happy to help.

That being said, QBO really can be a game changer.  You get real-time information.  No more passing flash drives back and forth, using a remote login, or having to give up your desk to someone for a couple hours a week.  With all the available technology at our fingertips, we can do everything virtually and we can do it on our time.  Honestly, unless we have questions, a lot of it can be run automatically by us and we don’t even need to bother you much.  We link up the bank and credit card accounts so all the transactions come directly into QuickBooks, so there’s less chance of something getting duplicated or being missed entirely.  We get a view-only login to your bank and credit card accounts, so we can log in ourselves and get your statements.  And all of this efficiency means we have more time to provide more value by keeping a close eye on what the transactions mean, not just what category they go into.

We can pay your bills online (I might do a blog post just about Dext Prepare and our paperless system.)  We can invoice your clients and they can pay online.  If you have recurring invoices, we can set them up and monitor them every month.  We can use the “projects” module to do job costing.  We can also track multiple locations. There’s just a lot of flexibility on both our ends.  You can log in and see your bank balance at 11pm if you really wanted to and Katherine can go in and do your bookkeeping at 2 in the morning (she says it’s quiet at night, easier to focus).  I mean, I won’t be going in there at 2am, but to each their own.  I am writing this post at 9:15pm so I guess I have no room to talk.

So, if you’ve been thinking about updating your technology and working smarter, not harder – schedule a discovery call.  I’d love to talk more about it!

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