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New software, more value

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Technology

Have any of you noticed me being super giddy about our new software that we just rolled out?  I’m seriously excited about it.  It’s a practice management software called Keeper, but it’s fully integrated with QuickBooks Online.  So, obviously, we needed a way to keep track of the tasks for each and every client.  But, this takes it a step further.  It offers a ton of tools to review and catch errors before finishing out the month.  For example, in their demo there was a transaction for a Zoom subscription that was categorized as office supplies & software.  Sure, that’s fine, seems normal.  Well, Keeper notices that in the past 12 months 100% of the time we usually put that in dues and subscriptions.  Awesome, we all love consistency!

It’s not only catching misplaced transactions, but transactions without vendor names, transactions that may have been put into the parent account (ie. Utilities, but you have Utilities broken out into water, gas, etc.) and it even shows major changes month to month on the Profit and Loss.  Maybe your utility costs went up 200%.  Well that’s probably worth a check in with you.  Did you leave the lights on all month or something?  I mean, it’s peace of mind for us that we’re catching any errors, but there are so many opportunities to provide extra value for our clients.

The new client portal is amazing!  We can send your uncategorized transactions to the portal and then send you a text or email to go in and check them.  And guys, this portal is fully mobile optimized!  So, you can answer questions or leave notes to us from your phone or tablet.  Big game changer for you!  We’ll also be able to upload your financial statements to the portal, which is a) more secure, and b) their reports modules are super in depth.  I can create custom graphs like gross profit margin or current ratios or whatever we want.  And don’t worry, if you have review meetings with me, I’ll explain those more in depth.  Maybe more blog post material.

Okay I think I’m done nerding out now.  Just know that you’re in good hands!  And if you have friends, family, random acquaintances or arch-nemeses that you would like to refer to us, we would love to help them too *wink wink nudge nudge*

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